Bio-diversity Action Plan and other protected species

If you want to get on and improve your home or develop a piece of land, finding protected species can be enough to make your heart sink. It’s such a shame our most valued creatures engender that reaction. Don’t worry, we can help.

Great Crested Newts

We understand the legislation protecting key species and there’s nearly always a solution that benefits the species as well as enabling the desired outcome. Bats receive a bad press for “getting in the way of roof repairs, extensions or loft conversions. Newts, toads, badgers and nesting birds are all species that have developer’s eyes rolling in their heads.

We can help you devise mitigation measures and method statements to protect these species whilst work is being undertaken, together with long lasting improvements to habitats that ensure viable populations for years to come. Such measures usually satisfy planning consultants and the likes of Natural England, thus allowing your work to proceed and enabling us all to enjoy our protected wildlife.

We love building features for key species and find it so rewarding when the new occupants move in. Otters are making quite the comeback and to encourage them further we can build you an otter-holt. Hibernaculums of varying construction methods can be made to help bats, amphibians and hedgehogs. We can construct and site barn owl boxes or any other nesting opportunity for your bird life. There’s always something we can do to help wildlife thrive.

Whatever biodiversity improvement work you require, you can rely on us to be a safe pair of hands, in tune with the expectations of Natural England and yourselves.

We can help with advice and practical solutions for all protected species.